As soon as you walk in to Shelter Chic you will feel happy because of the funky atmosphere. Leopard print litter boxes, quirky t-shirts for the employees and the best part is that the animals will all be dressed to impress. Tutus, bow ties - the whole nine, because well animals can have style too! How can you not smile when you see a dog in a tutu? Exactly! This shelter will leave you with a sense of happiness and joy not sadness.
— Laura D.,

Our Mission

Our mission is to find more homeless dogs and cats forever homes. We aim to take away the stigma associated with animal shelters and its animals and attract a wide range of people looking to welcome a four (or three!) legged addition to their family. By creating an upbeat, stylish shelter we hope to appeal to people who, for various reasons, choose to buy their pets from stores or breeders. We believe every cat and dog has their own unique personality and past, and no matter where they come from, they all deserve love. Shelter Chic is a place where there is no judgement, no bias, just animals that deserve to be looked at with no stigma attached.