Dorothy- ADOPTED!

Hi, my name is Dorothy, and I am a cute little Yorkie mix. I'm not sure how old I am exactly, but everyone keeps telling me I'm probably around 5 (although I don't look a day over 3). I was rescued from a hoarding situation in Oklahoma, along with 9 of my friends/family members. We were living alone for a month after our owner passed away, but thank goodness we were saved! Then I went to foster care in Oklahoma with a nice family (this is where my pictures are from). I got a red bow in my hair and finally felt like a lady! I have made it to the East Coast and am living in foster care, but I would really love a forever home. I am very sweet, and my beginning was definitely a bit ruff, so I could really use some TLC (and some more accessories for my hair please). 

If you would like to adopt me or any of my Yorkie mix friends, please visit, or contact They are an awesome organization that rescues animals like me and places them in foster care while they get all their veterinary work done. They have an amazing transport program that moves dogs all over the US, including Oklahoma, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and even Maine.