Fostering animals means giving them a temporary place to live while we work on finding them their forever home. Fostering is an amazing experience for both humans and our furry friends. It gets an animal out of a shelter, out of a cage, and prepares them for the next stage in their life…ADOPTION! Dogs and cats who are found as strays many times have never lived in a home, so being fostered greatly increases their chances of getting adopted. They are able to experience a safe place to stay with people providing them unconditional love- sadly a first for many animals. Other animals who have lived in a home previously but have been surrendered by their owner become depressed (naturally) and very stressed when they enter a shelter environment. A well-trained, social dog may shut down once in a shelter and therefore get overlooked by potential adopters. For whatever reason they have been surrendered, we are committed to keeping them out of a cage and making their transition to their forever home as stress-free and happy as possible. Fostering is such a rewarding experience for people and it many times can save a life. Municipal shelters that are overcrowded have to euthanize due to the high number of animals coming in. For rescue groups like us, having reliable fosters lined up enables us to save animals from euthanasia and give us time to work on finding them their perfect families. No matter what the situation is- when you foster, you save a life.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent and hero to a dog or cat, please fill out the following application(s). Once approved, we will find the perfect pet for you to temporarily house, and forever save.