Hi, I'm Layla, or as the staff at the Dutchess County SPCA calls me, "Sweet Layla". I am a ten year old, full-figured gal, and I strut the halls of the shelter wearing my age and extra LBs proudly. You can recognize me because I am always wagging my tail happily. I absolutely love people, and just want to be by your side. I also love squeaky toys, and a treat every now and then wouldn't hurt. I am a true bundle of joy, and although I'm not a young pup anymore, I still have a lot of energy and tons of love left to give. Please consider adopting me, so I can prove to you that fat bottom girls really do make this rockin' world go round (It's from a Queen song, before some of your time).  

If you're interested in adopting Sweet, Sweet Layla, call Dutchess County SPCA (845) 452-7722. They are a wonderful shelter and do same day adoptions!